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Data processing in private matter:

On lesans.es (suspensiones lesans) we stress safety in order to guarantee and protect the private character from the data brought by our customers.In addition to the minima establish by the legislation, harvest and the data processing are carried out under security levels which prevent the loss, the handling of the data or the accesses not authorized.
In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1.999, of December 13 on the Protection of Data of Personal nature, we inform you that all the data that you provide us by the means of the order and/or the subscription with the newsletter, will be built-in a database property of Suspensiones Lesans,s.l. in order to be able to manage the orders and the cashings, in the same way to send information to you on the products and the services marketed by Suspensiones Lesans, like for the sending of sales promotions via email.
Your assent to receive information on the products marketed by Suspensiones Lesans, will be regarded as lent in a manifest and obvious way by the communication of your data to lesans.es ( Suspensiones Lesans).
These advertising sendings could be carried out by the means of emails only. We inform you that the data that you provide us will not be to in no case yielded to third companies.
Unless the opposite specifically is established, he will be considered necessary to complete all the necessary data in the forms and the coupons which you will find on our Web page. In the event of not providing all the data envisaged like necessary, Suspensiones Lesans will be able, according to the case, to not supply your order.  
Constantly you will be able to exert the right of access, of correction, cancellation, and if necessary, to express your desire not to receive any type of publicity.  
For this purpose you can: - To send a communication written to Suspensiones Lesans, with the address Avd. Torrente , 2 Esplugues de Llobregat  08950 (Barcelona) Spain by uniting a photocopy of your identity paper - Or by sending a message admin@lesans.es with title LOPD and by indicating in the message your first name, family names and name of customer with the sentence: I DO NOT WANT TO RECEIVE PUBLICITY of SUSPENSIONES LESANS
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